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take the audio from the helecopter footage and make something else out of it

source URL: http://collateralmurder.org/
maximum length: 180 seconds
accepted format[s]: FLAC, mp3
deadline: all entries must be in before 4 december 2011

- please add tags to the audio with your [psuedo]name and the work's title
- feel free to also submit a text file about your work
- deadline is 1 year anniversary of paypal rejecting donations to

mp3 MP3 // wikileaks

  Title Length Size (MB) Artist
1 1. wikileak_for_midi_piano.mp3 02:59 2.77 asm
2 2. collateral_murder.mp3 02:59 3.37 asm
3 war record 02:45 3.94 \js


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