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.microsound is was an unmediated mailing list oriented toward discussion of the styles of digital and post-digital music promulgated by the proliferation and widespread adoption of digital signal processing (dsp) tools.

.microsound is was not a "genre" mailing list, since this proliferation has occurred largely without regard for stylistic boundary. instead, .microsound presents presented itself as a forum for the discussion and exploration of a more general "digital aesthetic" manifesting across a wide variety of styles and disciplines -- from academic computer music to post-industrial noise to experimental ambient and post-techno.

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a by no means exhaustive list of related artists and labels appropriate for discussion can be found here.

some guidelines

although certain aspects of production inevitably enter discussion, .microsound is was not a music-maker or fan-boy list; if you're after detailed deliberation of the merits of this or that dsp card or vst plugin, we recommend lists such as csound, MAX/MSP, pro-audio, freesound, music-dsp, structured audio, lo-fi, and gameaudiopro or a plethora of other listservs that capably handle these topics.

.microsound is was an unmediated list, but that doesn't mean anything goes. posts should concern concerned topics of historical, conceptual, or experiential relevance to digital and post-digital music. mean-spirited pissing contests will not be were not tolerated.

.microsound refuses refused to become a sounding board for ebay auctions, playlists, and the periodic expurgations of listmembers' record collections. extended for-sale lists are were not allowed, although brief posts containing urls where such lists can could be viewed are were acceptable.

posters who abuse abused these few guidelines will be were hounded into submission. failing that, they will be were removed from the list.

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