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.mp3 project guidelines

These are meant as a general guide. Guidelines will vary, be sure to consult the list for a project's specs.

All project submissions within the guidelines will be posted.

  1. Projects are open to list members only
  2. Deadlines will vary. Check the list and the project's webpage.
  3. Source files and submissions will be shared via the .microsound repository:
    • https://www.microsound.org/repository/
  4. Get the source files, if any, at:
    • /projects/project_name
  5. Post files with a minimum of 128kbps, 44.1kHz stereo, length is usually defined in the project proposal.
  6. On /projects/project_name, create a folder with your name, and upload your audio files to it
  7. Announce to the list that your work is uploaded
  8. Please put a filetype suffix on your filename:
    • myGlitchPiece.mp3
  9. Keep filenames short:
    • good: myGlitchPiece.mp3
    • bad: myveryCool_new_metaphyscicalglitch-piece.mp3
  10. No spaces, hyphens, or non-alphanumeric characters in the filenames:
    • good: myGlitchPiece.mp3
    • bad: my cool new glitch-piece!

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